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Wilton Engineering managing director Bill Scott on the benefits of having women in senior positions within businesses…

Any business that doesn’t have a woman on its board will not be achieving its full potential. I honestly believe that.

It’s my opinion that those companies are missing a trick because they are missing out on a different mind-set and outlook that women bring to the table.

From my experience, there are no grey areas with female directors – they see things in black and white, and can be very positive in their decision-making.

In fact, women have a different attitude to working life and business in general.

And yet it seems that women aren’t receiving the recognition or profile they deserve, which is why I think the forthcoming Tees Businesswomen Awards are a positive step in the right direction.

Tees Businesswomen Awards 2018

I know some people might ask why we should single out businesswomen for the accolades. But I think it’s important we give high-achieving women our support to maximise what they can achieve.

It’s so important we create role models to inspire future generations of businesswomen.

There’s some phenomenal female business talent in our area. People like Sharon Lane at Tees Components – an amazing woman who is running her successful company, leading the business and speaking out to inspire others.

It’s understandable that many get their head down and work away, meaning their efforts and achievements can go under the radar. But there’s a bigger picture to be considered – and raising the profile of yourself and your business is important.

So my message to businesswomen is to raise your profile and put you and your business in the spotlight.

Bill Scott
Managing director, Wilton Engineering


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