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SABIC’s Teesside site is celebrating after winning the Innovation in Technology category at the prestigious Real IT Awards – with the support of three Wilton Centre-based companies.

The chemical company’s IT team received the accolade for work carried out on the firm’s System 18 plant at Wilton, near Redcar, the world’s largest Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) plant.

Producing LDPE in the form of polymer pellets that are used by customers to manufacture products such household goods and food packaging, SABIC’s System 18 plant hosts the world’s largest single-stream compressor, featuring a number of cylinders.

Within each cylinder, a plunger rides back and forth on brass rings, which wear over time. Once all of the rings have worn away, the cylinder and therefore the compressor stops working.

SABIC’s Manufacturing IT team on Teesside and data-analysis specialists Argent & Waugh worked with the firm’s machines engineers to develop data inference techniques that could analyse other sensor data and predict the state of each ring in a way that had previously been impossible.

The system has worked reliably, thanks to help from two neighbouring companies – TekGem, who provided key infrastructure support, and Industrial Thinking, who gave expert help with connectivity to the sensor data.

The result was a real-time data monitoring, data visualisation and event alerting system built in Argent & Waugh’s web-based platform, Sabisu.

The new system has already provided significant savings for SABIC by helping to keep the plant’s operations efficient.

Tony Porritt, SABIC’s Manager for Systems and Infrastructure, said: “This was a real team effort and shows just what can be achieved when IT works closely with the business on complex problems.

“It makes me incredibly proud to work with such talented people and to have delivered such a valuable solution.

“For it to be recognised by the Corporate IT Forum, from such a broad range of industries, is the icing on the cake!”

• Pictured above: IT staff from SABIC’s Teesside site celebrate their success in the Innovation category in the Real IT Awards for their work on the System 18 plant at Wilton.


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