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Sharon Lane, general manager of Skelton-based engineering firm Tees Components, explains why she thinks a business awards competition for women is the right thing for the Tees region…

It’s really important that we have some events in place to give all the successful women on Teesside an opportunity to really show what they’re doing.

There are hundreds of women out there running really good businesses.

For girls at school, for young women going through college, they need to see those role models, particularly where industries are traditionally male dominated, that there are women succeeding.

They need to see those role models doing those jobs, and that it’s a possibility for them, to raise their aspirations and give them the ambition to see that they wouldn’t necessarily be trail-blazing alone in an industry, that they could have women mentoring them and supporting them and following their footsteps.

I think the idea of a business awards solely for women is maybe a bit controversial, and not something that everyone agrees with, and I’ve struggled with it a little myself if I’m honest.

But overall, on balance, I think it’s the right thing to do, to give women a platform and make sure everyone can see the good work they’re doing on Teesside.

Hopefully, the Tees Businesswomen Awards event in November will help us do that.

I’m very much looking forward to this event, and I’m excited about the fact it will help us unearth some of the high-achieving, successful businesswomen we have out there who perhaps aren’t getting the limelight they deserve at the moment.

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Sharon Lane
General manager
Tees Components

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