Box Clever doubles capacity at new site

A storage firm is set to double its capacity by opening a new facility for an additional 150 container units.

Box Clever was set up in Billingham in 2007 and has enjoyed steady growth since then despite the impact of the recession and slow economic recovery.

But with more and more home and business owners using fixed container units as a solution to their storage needs, Box Clever has decided to open a second facility at Cowpen Lane Industrial Estate.

The new 33 cubic metre units will be available from the end of August and takes Box Clever’s storage capacity to 9,900 cubic metres across both sites.

Box Clever customers hire the storage units for all kinds of uses including businesses for filing of old documents, homeowners, market traders, rock bands and vintage car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Both sites can be accessed around the clock with security guards, CCTV and key fob access.

Growth at Box Clever has been attributed to positive movement in the housing market, as well as small businesses who require additional space for products or documents.

The business is part of the Nicholson Group of companies, whose founder David Nicholson (pictured above) said: “We are looking at exciting and creative ways of expanding the Box Clever concept and have recently designed a modular duplex building which not only offers storage capacity on the ground floor, it also has additional units utilised as office space on the upper floor.

“We have trialled this model successfully and will be offering these stacked modular units at both Box Clever sites.”


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