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SABIC Teesside site director Darren Smith introduces the Autumn 2018 issue of Tees Business with our guest foreword…

With plastic and marine litter such a high-profile topic in the media and the public’s conscience, this issue of Tees Business is a perfect opportunity to discuss the issues around plastic waste and how we can all play our part in taking responsibility for our environment.

Research and extensive media coverage has left none of us in any doubt about the damage caused by irresponsibly discarded plastic waste.

Ultimately, it comes down to education – we all need to look at our habits to see how we can reduce, reuse and recycle plastic and put a stop to littering.

There is also much greater investment needed in the UK’s recycling infrastructure and best practice in packaging design so that all plastic can be recycled.

Plastic in its many forms is an extremely versatile material. It is used in healthcare, food preservation, clothing, electrical and electronic goods, the construction and automotive industries and mass transportation.

It is time that we stopped thinking of plastic as throwaway products but as a renewable resource.

Technology is now available to recycle mixed plastic, convert it in to a raw material and start the manufacturing process over again.

It is SABIC’s ambition to create this type of circular economy and the Teesside region could play a big part in this. SABIC are taking action in a series of significant ways to show how serious we are about waste management, which you will read more about later in this magazine.

There is the opportunity for industry, government bodies and the general public to make a significant positive difference to our environment. SABIC are committed to helping be part of the solution.

On a lighter note, we welcome the results from the annual Tees Business poll on the most inspiring Tees business leaders.

Congratulations must go to Ben Houchen for leading on this, against such tough competition from Bill Scott, Steve Gibson, Gary Dawson and Andy Preston.

Ben has worked incredibly hard during his first year in office and rightly deserves this recognition for representing the Tees region so well and making our voice heard on a national and international level.

One of Ben’s ‘babies’ is the former SSI site, now the South Tees Development Site. We look forward to reading and hearing more about Ben’s activities to attract investment to the site.

That only leaves me to wish all Teesside businesses and businesspeople a very successful, safe and healthy next quarter.

Click here to read the Autumn issue of Tees Business.

Daren Smith
Teesside site director


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