Companies like px provide rich career opportunities for women

The px group’s Head of HR, Katie Woods-Ruddick, on why the Tees firm is getting behind the first-ever Tees Businesswomen Awards in November…

Our industry is changing and today it offers a huge range of exciting and rewarding opportunities for both men and women.

The Tees Businesswomen Awards provides a great opportunity for px to be able to demonstrate to a wider audience that we support the employment and development of talented women in the high hazard industries we are involved in.

As a company we employ many talented women in a variety of roles and levels in technical, engineering and business support activities.

The event provides an opportunity to recognise the contribution that women are making to business and the economy, and in particular by those working in the Tees Valley.

Hopefully it will also demonstrate the rich and varied roles available within industries like ours these days and show that there are many careers worthy of serious consideration by further and higher education students.

There’s a need to make sure that this message is fed down into schools, so young people can see where the careers are in lots of businesses and giving them something to aspire towards.

There is work being done, but from the outside looking in, people probably don’t see how many women are involved in our industries, or how doing STEM subjects can be turned into worthwhile opportunities for them

Here at px group we now have two women on the company’s executive board – myself and our finance Director Lee Smail – and we have many more talented women rising through the organisation’s ranks.

In some of business areas such as Legal, Finance, HR and rather aptly SHE (safety, health & environment) have more woman then men and we are seeing more woman join into engineering roles.

Our philosophy is to support, encourage, train and promote people based on their ability, regardless of gender, which gives women real opportunities to forge careers which they may never have thought available in the past.

We are delighted to be a sponsor of awards which demonstrate that many women are already emerging as the region’s high-achievers. I believe this inaugural awards event will help us achieve that.

Click here to enter the Tees Businesswomen Awards

Katie Woods-Ruddick
Head of HR, px group


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