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Tees mayor Ben Houchen on why we all need to keep #TalkingUpTeesside…

On average, I visit two Tees businesses a week and my team get a little frustrated with me because I invariably come back and tell them something like “That’s one of the best businesses I’ve ever seen.”

But I so often genuinely come away hugely impressed.

For instance, technologies the Welding Institute is creating around friction stir welding may sound dull but are actually amazing, while Middlesbrough’s Double Eleven is working on the development of games for the Xbox, while one of their games coming out soon is set to be among Microsoft’s blockbuster sellers.

Bill Scott of Wilton Engineering has almost singlehandedly created a Teesside business cluster for the offshore wind sector, while systems produced by Cubic in Stockton control transport systems in London, New York, Sydney and Melbourne.

What Tees Business is doing in terms of its campaign of #TalkingUpTeesside is fantastic and so important because we don’t, as a rule, talk ourselves up enough.

We just get on and do it – but it’s madness not to tell the world about our successes.

I really enjoy shining a light on the achievements of our businesses. In this era of business bashing, it’s vital that we highlight the way in which our businesses play such a key role in people’s lives.

It’s inspiring to hear that Teesside is such a great place with so many positives to shout about, rather than being fed a line – as too often happens – that the place is on its backside.

Of course, there are problems on Teesside, as there are anywhere, but sometimes I think we convince ourselves that we’re second rate when we’re really not.

Our businesses are more than first rate and can compete with anybody. We should all be proud of that fact and shout about it loud and clear.

So let’s keep on #TalkingUpTeesside.

Ben Houchen
Tees Valley mayor


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