‘HR needs to be insight-driven’

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HR Alchemy boss Jo Davies, with over 23 years’ experience in her sector, explains the difference she wanted to make when setting up the business…

I often find that HR can be one of those topics that no-one likes to talk about – businesses can be quite fearful of it. In most cases, HR is something that crops up when there is a problem. Despite the benefits of having sound HR foundations, it can be seen as a bitter pill to swallow.

HR Alchemy has embraced this problem as an opportunity by being distinctively different by design. When designing my brand, the vision was to be ‘out there’. I didn’t want my services to be another cost a business reluctantly pays. The vision is to be fresh, dynamic and effective.

We all know the HR stereotype – opinionated, legalistic and always, always process driven. But in today’s modern world, the truth is that HR needs to be insight-driven, and it should act as a key support network to a company’s management structure. HR doesn’t need to be unnecessarily complicated – it should be focused on common decency coupled with common sense and a basic knowledge of employee rights.

The best HR professionals achieve much more than processes – they deal with people problems and issues that prohibit productivity, allowing the business to reap the rewards of happy, engaged staff.

As a HR professional for many years, I often take time to reflect on these negative images of the sector and what I can do to change them and encourage people to see HR as a positive investment for business.

By way of transforming this perception, I am developing a range of free downloadable kits to help educate organisations, upskill individuals to help with the roll out of HR requirements and to help break the HR stereotype.

Our first kit is about the Right to Work legislation. Sounds boring right? But, did you know that all businesses are required by law to do the relevant checks on all members of staff? That’s why, within the kit I have listed a step-by-step approach to help you do these checks yourself. To give you any idea of what I am talking about, simply download the kit here.

For more information on how HR Alchemy can help you and your business with bespoke HR services, contact us today on 03338 802810 or visit www.hralchemy.co.uk

Jo Davies
HR Alchemy


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