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Commercial property experts Mandale have signed up two businesses from opposite ends of the spectrum to fill high quality industrial space in Stockton. Stuart Arnold finds out more…

For most of us Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which became law in May, is just that thing that causes any company you’ve interacted with online to clog your e-mail inbox to let you know their privacy policy has changed.

But for businesses such as ComplyIT – which recycles laptops, PCs, servers, printers, photocopiers, mobile phones and other peripheral office equipment – it’s absolutely central to what they do.

“GDPR is a big thing,” says ComplyIT managing director Chris Allen. “And being GDPR compliant is so important for any company, especially when you consider the level of fines.

“We securely wipe any personal data on the hard drives of any items we receive, which makes them re-saleable.

“In selling the product back on through brokers, we can give a revenue share to the customer. That can potentially then go towards buying new kit or whatever they see fit.”

Chris, a married dad-of-two from Hemlington, Middlesbrough, had been in the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) industry for 15 years when an Mandale find perfect base for ComplyIT opportunity came up through investors who approached him with the idea he should set up his own company.

“Within a couple of months we’ve got to where we are now and are looking forward to getting new customers on board,” he says.

His firm secured a lease on a 2,500-sq ft unit from commercial property specialists Mandale on the Arkgrove Industrial Estate in Ross Road, near Portrack Lane in Stockton.

The unit is one of several adjoining units recently renovated by Mandale at a cost of around £1m. Brickwork was replaced and new concrete flooring laid. New roofing, electrics, toilet facilities and parking facilities completed the makeover.

“We’ll be predominately focused on the North-East, but we’ll collect from customers all over the UK,” continues Chris.

“We’re looking as a company to have a no-landfill policy with any redundant items, but a lot of the material we will pick up has a monetary value to it, either as scrap or spare parts.

“With GDPR, the customer is now the controller of the waste and if they say you can’t re-use any of our kit, we will pick it up and dispose of it for them.

“But nine times out of ten, if you can tell them there is a monetary value opportunity on it, they are more likely to say you can wipe the equipment and re-use it.

“We give them all the relevant documentation, a hazardous waste consignment note, a re-use note, an asset management report and so on, so they have the peace of mind and the duty of care in terms of what has happened to their material.”

Chris says he couldn’t have picked a better location for ComplyIT’s new premises, with the A19 nearby, linking to the A66 and the A1(M) corridor.

“Mandale showed us a few properties, but as soon as we saw Arkgrove – with all its new modern features, 24-hour security and lots of parking – we were hooked,” he adds.

For further information about Mandale’s units at Arkgrove Industrial Estate, contact Joe Darragh on 07973 908599 or email


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