AV Dawson wins British Steel contract extension

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Teesside shipping and logistics firm AV Dawson has bagged a three-year extension to support British Steel’s steel rolling operations at its special profiles facility in Skinningrove and at its Tees-side Beam Mill in Lackenby.

The Middlesbrough-based business, which has operated on-site logistics on the sites for over five years for British Steel, has secured the extension to manage on-site operations, strengthening the ongoing partnership between the two firms.

The new deal, which has come on the back of significant safety investments, secures the jobs of over 70 employees and creates a further 12 new roles.

AV Dawson’s on-site services play an integral role within the team at British Steel Lackenby and Skinningrove.

The team carry out a variety of jobs including, de-scaling machinery, on site logistics support, managing the recycling and waste solutions and carrying out the deep cleaning operations on-site during shut-downs.

VA managing director Gary Dawson said: “Over the past five years we have built a strong partnership with British steel and we have become an integral part of their teams on both sites.

“We can provide a number of onsite logistics services on our customers’ own sites, enabling them to increase efficiency by bringing in a specialist with specific expertise and equipment.

“This ranges from stevedoring, shunting and stock management to the full onsite logistics support we provide for British Steel.

“As a business, we continuously look at ways in which we can improve and expand our services for our customers by offering increased safety and productivity levels. Our recent investment illus-trates our commitment to the long-term partnership we have with British Steel.”

Matt Stockwell, British Steel’s Teesside manager, said: “We’re delighted to be continuing to work in partnership with AV Dawson.

“In the last five years AV Dawson has worked with us to provide a flexible solution in terms of resource to cover both our Teesside Service Centre and Teesside Beam Mill operations under one contract.

“This has been effective and worked well for the teams here serving our customers, it’s also brought efficiencies with it too. This is one of the reasons why we’ve renewed the contract with them.”


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