Client satisfaction at forefront of razorblue’s success

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With 98.9% of clients rating their experience as good or excellent, users of razorblue’s services can be confident they are in safe hands.

Founded 12 years ago by managing director Dan Kitchen, razorblue has expanded into four offices throughout the north of England and London, coinciding with the growth of their experienced team of over 70 staff who pride themselves on providing the very best customer service.

Even in its competitive marketplace, razorblue’s customer retention is extremely high – and Kitchen states their transparency and end-to-end ownership as two of the main reasons behind this.

“I’m very proud of our achievements,” he said. “We realise that providing IT services is not just about the technology we use, but the people that deliver and support it.

“We have made huge investments in providing the best service possible; using the universally understood Net Promoter Score to allow us to benchmark ourselves against others.

“We publish our performance metrics on our website in real time as part of our commitment to transparency.

“While we might get 99% of things right, it’s about continually analysing the 1% you get wrong, learning and refining your processes.

“This is an integral part of our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 framework which are engrained within our culture.”

razorblue provide service around the clock, servicing many manufacturing, warehousing and hospitality clients across the North-East.

“IT and communications are so crucial to businesses, day or night. That’s why we made a significant investment in our 24/7 operations,” says Kitchen.

“If a manufacturing plant stops in the middle of the night, or a hotel can’t serve its customers on a Sunday afternoon – we’re there for them, providing exceptional return on investment.”

They don’t stop there though – razorblue’s commitment to end-to-end ownership has been another key contributor to their success.

Kitchen adds: “As a business owner or IT manager, you don’t want to end up stuck in the middle, sandwiched between suppliers who can’t decide whose fault something is.

“We solved this problem many years ago with our minimal outsourcing approach. By building our own cloud platform, national network, and hosted telephony solution – we are completely in control.

“What’s more we also have a team of dedicated developers and business application experts covering finance and ERP solutions, so we can truly act as a single, integrated business partner.”

razorblue specialise in managed IT and security services, super-fast connectivity, cloud and hosting, and business software solutions for businesses across a broad range of industries.

With a dedicated team of technical experts, razorblue is committed to providing the highest standards of customer service – based on what customers need, rather than ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions.

Pictured top: razorblue directors (left to right): Dan Kitchen, David Raper, Rachel Atkinson, Jonathan Anderson and Mark Wilkinson.


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