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You may have heard of the award-winning Tees company Lexonik – formerly Sound Training – who are whipping up a storm around the world. You may also have heard that the Lexonik teaching programme provides teachers and students with the skills and knowledge to improve literacy rapidly and effectively.

But did you know that their training is also incredibly beneficial to apprentices, employees and adult learners in any setting?

The Middlesbrough firm’s founder director Katy Parkinson is a literacy specialist who was keen to enhance and raise achievement amongst students locally and then further afield once she’d established the company commercially.

Working alongside CEO Claire Preston, the pair have now started to work not only in schools and prisons across the UK, but also with learners in a range of settings, including international schools and in schools in US states.

One area the pair are still keen to break into is that of the apprenticeship market as they look to support career advancement through improved literacy and communication.

Claire said: “We know that we have a programme which enhances literacy at all levels, and influences the outcomes of any teaching or learning programme or vocational path; whatever career you choose, there’s always a need for literacy and everyone can improve their ability to communicate and advance in their chosen field.”

Katy is excited about the opportunity of working with young adults or employees in any setting to demonstrate the power of Lexonik in the workplace.

“Let me just show you what people are capable of,” she said. “Even well qualified people have no idea what they don’t know – and I can really help them to improve their literacy, which in turn can improve their career opportunities.”

Claire and Katy are now looking for pioneering employers to work with them on a Teesside pilot programme, working with small groups of apprentices or employees for one hour a week for only six weeks.

They say they guarantee that the difference will be evident by those within the organisation as well as having an impact on the literacy and confidence of participating employees.

Any interested companies should get in touch with Lexonik on 01642 424298 or email enquiries@lexonik.co.uk.


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