‘It’s a vote of common sense’ – Andy Preston

After the meeting of the Tees Valley Combined Authority on Thursday, Middlesbrough businessman and charity leader Andy Preston said: “I’m really pleased, it’s a vote of common sense.

“It’s a plan that isn’t without risk, but anything that’s worth having in life has got some risk, and the trick is taking clever, measured and well-thought-out risks.

“I’m delighted. I think this is a brave, ambitious plan that is going to lead to prosperity and jobs and – most importantly – it’s going to restore pride and a sense of place.

“This is who we are, we are Teesside and here is our airport.”

He added: “What has got to happen now is a sensible but brave measured-risk business plan.

“So what we need now is more conversation with Ben, more conversation with potential carriers, and that place can be a hub for all kinds of commerce, industry and activity that really ignites the whole area.

“There is a chance of an amazing future here and we are going to have to take sensible steps now.”


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