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Julie Burniston next to the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough, close to her new Tees base. Pic by Martin Walker.
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Established filmmakers Flathead, headed up by Teessider Julie Burniston, recently opened an office here in Middlesbrough (Flathead North). Marketing manager and producer Julie tells Tees Business why using video content to promote your company is a solid investment…

A growing percentage of flathead North’s commissions are from fledgling or developing businesses keen to be part of the video generation.

In this day and age, where the majority of us are juggling our careers with family and other demands, we just don’t have the time to read lengthy press releases or to sit in a sales meeting.

That’s the real joy of video content – you can say more in a one or two-minute film than you can in pages of script, no matter how well written.

The trick is to have the customer hooked at the first frame – and that’s where a creative, innovative media company can be worth its weight in gold.

Of course, the cost of a professional film is not cheap, and many companies decide to ‘diy’ – make their own promo on their iPhone and upload this to social media and their website.

It’s the biggest mistake, in my opinion, that businesses make. You really must think of the impact that substandard video has on the overall look and feel of your product.

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ really does mean just that. Without the correct equipment and a skilled crew, you risk looking amateurish at the very best.

A brilliantly shot and edited promo will be short, to the point and will get across your message in a quick, simple and aesthetically pleasing way.

The first step is to know exactly the message you wish to impart and to have a solid brief agreed by you and your chosen filmmaker before the cameras roll. It’s all about the pre-production!

A good media company will put the effort in to make sure everything is agreed before the shoot. They will spend time planning and scripting your film. You should be given the opportunity to agree/add/edit this.

Give your chosen producer your thoughts, even if you’re unsure and this is your first foray into video – all ideas can be tossed around and developed. We want to keep you happy and we relish a challenge!

For newbies to the film making game, the following list is something you could bear in mind:

• Understand what is possible within your budget.
• Try and show examples of videos you have seen so that your filmmaker understands the look and feel you are after.
• Know your market – very important! And be clear on the main messages you wish to impart.
• Keep things consistent – your video should maintain the look/feel/messaging of your brand.
• Keep your film short, consistent, exciting and simple.

Finally, always conclude your film with a ‘call to action’. For example: ‘call/email us for more information’ and of course, have your branding and website address clearly shown.


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