Why we’re backing Tees Businesswomen Awards again

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Northern Skills Group, the training and apprenticeship arm of Middlesbrough College, is again headline sponsor for this year’s Tees Businesswomen Awards after sponsoring the inaugural event in 2018. Middlesbrough College principal Zoe Lewis explains why she’s looking forward to this year’s event already…

We were really honoured to be involved in the very first Tees Businesswomen Awards in 2018.

For a first event I thought it was amazing. We saw lots of inspirational stories, as I think we knew there would be, and I think it must have been really difficult for the judges to decide between a whole range of amazing talent across Teesside.

It’s great to nominate any staff who are achieving great things, but why not put your female talent forward for an award so they also become more aware of the networks around them?

There aren’t many women across Teesside that people are familiar with. Or when we’ve had business awards of any type, you tend not to see women putting themselves forward or being nominated.

So it’s really important that we raise awareness of the talent we have here.

There are lots of reasons why it’s important for education to be linked with business awards.

When you look at Middlesbrough College, for example, we have 13,000 students, half of them female. Generally, girls out perform boys across the whole education system.

You do wonder, therefore, why we don’t see as many women at the top of organisations, so it’s important that girls can see role models, they can see positions they might aspire to become in the future.

I’m an alumni of Middlesbrough College myself and we saw many others nominations at last year’s event, so we can already start to see things change.

But it’s also important to show current students the jobs that exist here on Teesside.

We lose a lot of talent out of our region, male and female, but if we can raise the profile of female occupations, senior roles and business opportunities for young girls, then they might be more likely to keep their talent here on Teesside.

I’d urge everyone to get their nominations in. It was a fantastic event last year, but imagine if we can get even more nominations in this year?

Let’s make it even tougher for the judges this year!


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