Top tips to retain your staff

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RMS Recruitment operations director Matthew Telling with some useful tips on how to keep hold of your top employees…

The market for the very best talent, the top 5-10% in whatever field you’re operating in, is intense and highly competitive.

Effective talent retention tactics are often overlooked. After investing substantial amounts of time, effort and financial resources during the hiring process, this is where many people fall down and lose the great people they worked so hard to attract in the first place.

Here are a few strategies that you can use to assist with retention:

1. Set expectations and goals
Communicate clearly and directly. Good employees want to please you, but they need to know what it is they need to do in order to make that happen.

2. Create a great working environment
Make your employees feel like an asset, not like an overhead. Allow them to feel secure in their role. Gain their input about rules or changes that need to be made. Encourage goal-setting and a sense of ownership in an environment which is as open and honest as possible.

3. Listen
Be willing to listen, really listen, to the concerns of your employees. Be open to suggestions and new ideas for problem-solving. Be available when your employee asks for guidance.

4. Provide opportunities for growth
Give challenging and stimulating work, tap into their passion and allow them to focus their time and energy on engaging projects. Create career development plans wherever possible.

5. Recognise and reward hard work
Monetary bonuses are always nice, but recognition of a job well done goes a long way to creating good will and loyalty. In order to retain talent you must make them feel appreciated, respected and worthwhile.

Elite performers are game-changers for those fortunate enough to attract, nurture and retain them.

Matthew Telling
Operations director
RMS Recruitment


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