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By Colin Young

As a former scaffolder accustomed to dangling at dizzying and dangerous heights, financial adviser Darren Roulston has long dreamed of providing proper protection for offshore and site workers.

Now, thanks to support from Teessidebased company Bespoke Financial Services, the 44-year-old from Middlesbrough has launched a new scheme to help employees who are so often overlooked and neglected.

Bespoke Financial, based in Stockton, are now ready to offer the best insurance cover and a whole range of financial services to oil rig workers or land-based labourers.

Roulston has established a team of four, including wife Cheryl, who have spent the last three months researching all the products and schemes available for workers in these different sectors.

The result is a formidable package they can put to the type of workers he rubbed shoulders with on building sites across the country, encouraging a different culture when it comes to life insurance and critical illness cover.

Roulston said: “Less than three years ago I was still travelling all over as a scaffolder and the perception for workers like me and offshore workers is that they can’t get insurance or there have always been ‘loadins’, in other words extra costs because of the nature of the work.

“Things have changed over the last five to ten years and generally people don’t get paid now if they are off work, unless they are staff, and don’t get benefits because they are temporary or agency staff. The onus is on the individual to get cover.

“The idea is to target people to be introducers because we don’t know everyone but we know we now specialise in that work. A lot of the offshore work, for example, is off Aberdeen, Hull, Norwich and how do we get out there?

“We will train people from Teesside who can earn an extra income to become influencers and introduce us to their workmates and be advocates of our business.”

Roulston left his job in scaffolding two years ago to join Bespoke, which was launched by Lee Flanagan in November 2014 at the firm’s Boho Four base in Middlesbrough, offering advice on mortgages, critical illness cover, life insurance, income protection and insurance services.

He had previously spent 20 years working for a local authority as a sports development and education officer before going into the building trade. The change of career has already brought its rewards and earlier this year he was crowned number one protection adviser at a prestigious national awards event hosted by protection network PRIMIS.

Now employing more than 40 staff, and still growing, Bespoke was also named Number One Protection Firm at the event in Birmingham in February.

Lee Flanagan added: “Darren is the number one adviser in the UK, beating 3,000 people across the country, and that is huge, not jus for him, but for Middlesbrough as well.

“I am so proud of him and what he has achieved in a short space of time, and the town should be too.”

To enquire about any of Bespoke’s services, call the team on 01642 931238, email or go to

  • Pictured above (from left) Darren and Cheryl Roulston, Amy McEwan and Aaran Flanagan have launched a new arm of Bespoke Financial Services for offshore and site workers.


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