‘Time to get your award nominations in!’ – Zoe Lewis

Middlesbrough College principal Zoe Lewis is urging people to get their nominations in for this year’s Tees Businesswomen Awards, with the deadline to enter next week…

Northern Skills Group, which is the training and apprenticeship arm of Middlesbrough College, is absolutely thrilled to be involved again this year, as headline sponsors of the 2019 Tees Businesswomen Awards.

Raising the profile of women is absolutely critical – not just recognising them, but celebrating them, getting their names out there and helping them to be inspirations to others.

Teesside is a great place to live, learn and work, so to inspire young girls is absolutely fantastic.

It was the first awards last year. I remember there was a late flurry of entries towards the end, but more than 100 came in eventually.

The night itself was fantastic and there was also a great buzz around it afterwards.

What I’d say to people is, if you know someone that’s inspiring people, nominate them.

Some people don’t like nominating themselves for awards, which is understandable, so if you do know someone that’s being an inspiration, that’s successful, that you think will inspire others… put their nomination in for them, say a little bit about them and let’s share their success across Teesside.

There are some great stories about people who have come a long way from their starting point, people who maybe thought they couldn’t achieve something and they’ve overcome that, or people who are naturally gifted and are using that gift to make a difference.

There are 10 different categories so there are lots of different ways of recognising women.

What really pleased me about the inaugural awards was being able to talk openly about issues that are really important to women – like maternity, child care and flexible working, things that often aren’t discussed enough, but issues that are just as and increasingly important to men as well as women.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t need a Tees Businesswomen Awards? But they do just elevate these issues a little, which is important.

We started a netball tournament this year, because we found most networking events at the college seemed to be around football and golf, and it was very well received.

We had men there as well – some businessmen came along and actually took part in some games – but it gave a forum which was a bit less traditional which has opened up new avenues for women.

And that’s what the Tees Businesswomen Awards are doing for us at the moment, which is why we support the idea wholeheartedly and would urge people to enter.

You can enter the 10 different categories by clicking here.

Zoe Lewis
Principal and chief executive
Middlesbrough College


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