Welding training firm marks three years

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An independent training provider is going from strength to strength as it approaches its third anniversary.

Nordic Engineering Training and Testing Centre was set up in December 2016 to help reduce the critical lack of skilled workers within Tees Valley.

The Stockton-based engineering training and testing facility works with local industry to provide relevant skills-based training and qualifications to help fill the growing number of local jobs within the engineering sector.

Since launching, Nordic has helped to put more than 200 local people into semi-skilled jobs across the Tees region.

And Nordic’s Welding Centre is also booming – since January, it has drawn up and monitored more than 865 welding procedures and qualification documents to BS/EN 15614-1, BS/EN 9606-1, ASME IX and AWS D1.1 accreditations.

Nordic’s portfolio of courses now also includes a “Mirror Welding” course approved by the ECITB, with a number of groups from a major national company successfully completing the course with outstanding results.

“Our aim from the outset was to provide companies with the highest quality facility available providing the welding sector with a one stop shop for Procedure and Qualification testing,” says Nordic managing director Peter Robinson.

Nordic Engineering Training and Testing provides high quality “tailor made” training for companies and individuals from fillet welding to 6GR Pipe Butt Weld, and many in between including overlay and cladding procedures, stud welding and rebar welding on all types of materials.

The welding team at Nordic – made up of Paul Mobberley, David Swann, Kenny Williams and Ian Henderson-Thynne – has more than 125 years’ experience between them.

Robinson added: “The team designed and built the welding area to accommodate welders in a variety of ways, such as having large welding booths that can open out to double the size to take on any size of pipe or plate with LED lighting to illuminate the welding booths effectively. Each booth contains MMA, TIG and MIG welding sets.

“We have been instrumental in all of the welder testing undertaken at the TeesRep Biomass and heavily involved in the mining project taking place on Teesside and the surrounding area, inclusive of P91, P22, P11 materials and Transition tests, high grade carbon and stainless steels.”

More information about Nordic can be found at www.nordicps.co.uk, whilst welding enquires can be sent by email to Ian.henderson-thynne@nordicps.co.uk


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