Exclusive: Bill focused on winning ‘massive’ environmental investment

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Bill Scott says he will do all he can to bring a “massive environmental investment” to Teesside, after the business leader met foreign investors about their multi-million pound plans for a series of plastics recycling plants.

Bill, the owner of Port Clarence-based Wilton Engineering, says the investors are “passionate about saving the world” – and are keen to explore the potential for Teesside to be the hub to design, build and commission a series of plastics recycling plants.

A “phone call out of the blue” led to Bill – the recipient of an OBE last year – meeting the main investor and his team of financiers in London in November.

Following “a fantastic meeting”, the investment team is now keen to make a fact-finding visit to Teesside in the near future.

“These people genuinely want to save the world and they have the money to do it,” said Bill, talking exclusively to Tees Business co-editor Dave Allan.

“They are passionate about giving and making a difference to the environment. And they are in a position to do it.

“Our conversation quickly went from talk of a single plant to about 20 globally. We were talking about all things big and beautiful.

“We had a fantastic meeting of like-minded people, and I assured them that the Tees Valley is the place to do business.

“What I told them is that the Tees Valley has the multi-disciplined skills to design, build, install and commission the project right here on Teesside – that they don’t have to go anywhere else.

“I made it clear we had the people, the land mass, the government devolution and a Tees Valley mayor who is passionate about making things happen.

“I said, ‘If you’re going to do this anywhere, Teesside has the prowess and heritage to do it.”

Bill, a former winner in the annual Tees Business poll for the Most Inspiring Business Leaders, invited the potential investors to Teesside.

“I told them that my only ask is that they consider bringing this project to Teesside first. They want to come here as soon as possible to look at the options.

“I’ve told them that they must come up here, see what we can offer, sit down and discuss how we go forward from here. They understand that they will be welcomed to the Tees Valley with open arms.

“We are talking about a potential investment of many millions of pounds, so I’ll do all I can to bring it here.”


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