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Middlesbrough mayor Andy Preston has thrown down the gauntlet to challenge Tees restaurants to eliminate non-recyclable plastic from their business…

I’m sending out a call to all restaurants and takeaways in Middlesbrough to help our town blaze a trail for environmental leadership – and I’d love to see other Tees eateries take up the challenge too.

I want them to follow the lead set by the inspiring owners of Al Forno restaurant by eliminating non-recyclable plastic from their business.

There’s no reason why Middlesbrough – and the whole Tees region – can’t set an example for the rest of the country and lead the way on environmental issues.

With help from their suppliers, Laing’s Hygiene, Al Forno have introduced biodegradable straws (you can read more about that here).

And they’ve replaced takeaway boxes, cleaning products, napkins, bags and much more behind the scenes with biodegradable or non-plastic products.

In fact they’ve pushed so hard on the green agenda that Laing’s Hygiene now say Al Forno had done more for the environment than any business they’ve worked with in the entire country.

I’m calling on more of the restaurants and takeaways in Middlesbrough and Teesside to follow their inspiring lead.

If we can get more and more people following their example and start to put friendly pressure on others to follow suit then we can set an example for the entire country.

I’d love to hear about your examples of environmentally-friendly action at our restaurants and takeaways.

And if your regular restaurant/takeaway isn’t doing enough, please ask them why! They will only change if people demand it!


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