Three reasons to apply for the Tees Tech Awards

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Dan Watson, Middlesbrough Digital manager, on why companies in the tech and digital sectors should consider entering the first-ever Tees Tech Awards…

The inaugural Tees Tech Awards is fast approaching, and I personally can’t wait to celebrate the success of Teesside’s digital tech sector.

If you’re on the fence, I just wanted to outline a few reasons I believe you should consider applying. These benefits also underpin the reason why Middlesbrough Digital got involved in the launch of these awards at such an early stage

1. An opportunity to raise profile

Let’s not beat around the bush, this is the first Tees Tech Awards and we can’t instantly expect a level of national or international recognition. What we can expect, however, is that the team at Tees Business and partners will exploit all of their channels to ensure your profile is raised on a local level.

I appreciate most digital tech businesses in Teesside operate on a national and international basis, with few focusing purely on local business opportunities, but those that I’ve seen to become the most successful have all had a very strong local profile.

This has played a huge part in allowing them to:
• Attract the best local talent
• Secure investment
• Improve their local network
• Get involved in collaborative ventures and opportunities
• Benefit from local contracts they may not have been expecting

2. Celebrating success

Everyone likes a bit of recognition for their work, right? The Tees Tech Awards will offer a significant opportunity to celebrate the successes of your business with those who have helped you achieve those successes, and alongside peers within the wider digital tech community.

We have an amazing digital tech community in Tees Valley, and now for the first time we have our own awards. If you’ve already decided that you’re too ‘bigtime’ for these awards then I would please urge you to refer to point number one, and to also consider the team around you.

3. A fair judging system

I’m not trying to dismiss other business awards, but one thing that has never sat well with me is when business awards don’t have a fair judging system in place to ensure impartiality and transparency in decision making.

I’ve been on the judging panel for a number of awards, having sponsored awards through organistions I’ve worked for, and just personally being asked to judge. Of these awards, the two that stood out to me were the Northern Tech Awards and Tech Nation’s Rising Stars programme.

The judging system for both was designed to be extremely impartial – eliminating the ability for pre-existing relationships to influence decisions and, ultimately, allowing businesses to be judged purely on their performance. This meant that, for me, these awards held a lot more credibility – something we’ve wanted to ensure was the case with the Tees Tech Awards.

I genuinely believe that this will mean these awards will in the future hold a lot more clout than some others.

Overall, I really do hope to see a great turnout for these awards as I can’t wait to celebrate the achievements of Teesside’s digital sector on the night.

The deadline to enter is 9th March.

Click here to see all the categories and entry forms. 


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