We built the world – now let’s remind them how good we still are

Tees Business co-editor Dave Allan calls for more to support a powerful message of positivity about our region ahead of the big launch of an important new publication, This Is Tees Valley, today before being circulated across the country.

One of the perks of my job is the opportunity to talk on a daily basis with the Tees region’s inspiring business leaders. Across the Tees Valley many are brimming full of drive, positivity, confidence, talent and ambition.

And no wonder. We are, after all, the region that “built the world” – the Infant Hercules that became a global leader in iron and steel, ship building, bridge construction, and chemical production.

We’ve had more than our fair share of sickening setbacks – but we’ve always displayed a bouncebackability that defies the laws of logic, a never say-die ability and determination to overcome the odds, reinvent ourselves and rise again.

We’ve got so much to be proud of.

And yet what’s all too often missing across our business community is a readiness to shout about our successes.

Too many businesses prefer to hide their light under a bushel. They just “get on with it”, remaining modest about their often awesome achievements.

It’s a constant frustration for our super-positive Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen that more local businesses don’t shout about our abilities and achievements.

Most of us were raised to believe modesty is a virtue. It’s my opinion, however, that our natural Northern modesty is now holding us back as a region.

We’re failing to tell people just how bloody brilliant we are – and therefore missing out on further opportunities for business and investment. We must throw off the shackles with a roar of pride and defiance.

Resolution Media and Publishing’s new publication, This Is Tees Valley, is designed to tackle that self-destructive trend.

It’s brimming full of ambitious, successful individuals and businesses shouting about their and our region’s abilities, strengths and achievements.

On Thursday, at the magazine’s launch event at our revitalising airport, 300 of our business leaders will hear mayor Houchen issue a rallying cry for our region – that we are a force to be reckoned with.

From our awesome deep shipping port feeding the Northern infrastructure to national centres of excellence, from the UK’s largest cable producer to a booming digital scene.

The Tees Valley and its people with their world-leading skills and deep-seated work ethic knocks the socks off other regions.

It would be the envy of country – if only they heard more about it.

Well, now is the time.

This Is Tees Valley shines a glowing, relentlessly positive spotlight on our region.

With your help to ensure your business contacts across the country and beyond receive a copy, perceptions will change – and our region will start to receive the recognition it deserves.

The Tees Valley is truly a hotbed of industry and innovation – a region on the up.

We are no longer an Infant Hercules. We are a proud and roaring, fist-pumping Hercules.

Let’s shout it from the rooftops. This Is Tees Valley – and we are ready to take on the world.

Dave Allan
Director, Resolution Media and Publishing


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