What makes the Tees Valley great?

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Stephen Elliott, a partner with law firm Endeavour Partnership, delivered a passionate speech about our region as part of the launch of This Is Tees Valley last week.

Here’s his speech in full:

I’m Stephen from Endeavour Partnership, the largest commercial law firm in the Tees Valley. Since the inception of the firm 20 years ago, Teesside has been placed first and foremost within our plan.

Our office is in Stockton and we have no plans to move, although we have this week announced our commitment to take space in the exciting Boho X building.

We have been involved in a number of projects that have impacted the landscape within the region and our partners have built their careers here. Individually, we are also contributing to many other aspects of the area including school governor roles and charity involvement, our lives are within the Tees Valley both professionally and personally.

So, when we were asked to take part in This is Tees Valley we thought it was a natural fit. Once my slot was booked, I started thinking about what is great about the region and went about asking colleagues of their opinion.

I personally didn’t grow up in this region, an adopted Teessider I came here for work and have grown to love the region. I recognise what is great but was interested to hear what my colleagues thought.

Our team consists of a diverse range of people, working across our four departments (property, employment law, disputes and corporate and commercial) from trainee to partner, and my findings were interesting.

I simply asked the question “what makes the Tees Valley great?”.

I got the usual responses, the parmo appeared more than once, one person said, “it’s certainly not the football team” and others referenced the strong industrial history; but what really caught my attention was the many examples of the characteristic of a typical Teessider. Words like, tenacity, innovative and a drive and desire to get things done were mentioned regularly.

This made me think, these are all characteristics I see reflected in our team at Endeavour as well as the teams of our clients.

The people of this region are unique, we are masters at reinventing ourselves. Generations before us excelled at becoming global leaders in heavy industry, there is that famous saying ‘we built the world’ and in contrast our more emerging business leaders are forging a strong digital industry.

Our clients are willing to try things new, taking advice from experts to make informed decisions. The desire to succeed overtakes and people naturally work together for the end result.

These characteristics are everywhere you look in the region and we are maybe a little guilty of taking that for granted. I bet you can all think of many examples of that Teesside spirit being the difference between a project failing and succeeding.

At Endeavour we are championing business within the region and have been lucky to work on some of the major projects within the Tees Valley. Focussing on commercial law has allowed us to work with some dynamic leaders and although the characteristics we regularly see are not typical, they seem to be present in abundance within a typical Teessider.

The publication This is Tees Valley is needed on a couple of levels, firstly to celebrate amongst ourselves all that is great in the region and secondly to shout it loud and proud to those outside the area.


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