Don’t be too hasty with Covid-19 changes

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Jo Davies, of Middlesbrough-based HR Alechemy, with some advice amid the Covid-19 crisis…

Covid-19 has presented the world with unparalleled and unforeseen challenges, which has consequently had a knock-on effect to every business, across all sectors.

We understand that the news can be rather overwhelming at present and we are communicating with our clients on an almost hourly basis, providing them with up-to-the-minute advice, support and tools such as business continuity plans and other documentation that they might need during these difficult times.

HR Alchemy has seen firsthand how coronavirus will affect businesses and their staff.

Business leaders are consumed with uncertainty. Our clients need to be able to pick up the phone and talk through their confusion.

We believe straightforward advice and support will help our clients alleviate some of the pressures presented by the Covid-19 crisis..

Many of HR Alchemy’s clients are unable to arrange remote homeworking due to the nature of their businesses, so are having to explore and prepare different measures, such as unpaid leave, short-time working and enforced holidays.

After Boris Johnson announced “Stand by your employees and we will stand by you”, the most pertinent advice we have given to our clients is to not move too hastily, to apply a common sense approach and try to be flexible, where possible.

There are a number of easy ways to access HR Alchemy’s services and coronavirus support on all employment matters from a retained package to ad hoc advice.

Whatever you choose, the team will ensure that you get a personalised one-to-one managed service from an experienced HR team who have you and your businesses’ best interests at heart.

Jo Davies
Managing director, HR Alchemy
Email:, call 03338 802810 or visit


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