Tees firm completes biggest ever order amid coronavirus crisis

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The owner of a family-run Tees company has praised its staff for completing its biggest ever order of fire protection machines amid the coronavirus crisis.

Middlesbrough-based ESCS is set to deliver the first four of eight specialised machines as part of a total order worth £750,000.

The machines will be delivered to a facility at Haverton Hill, where they will be used to spray a protective material onto steel before being transported to the Irish Republic for a large factory.

The firm’s self-built ES430 is a passive fire protection (PFP) machine that sprays thick coatings of intumescent epoxy materials to protect steel structures from fire and explosions on facilities such as refineries, chemical plants and oil rigs.

Having delivered four of the machines, ESCS staff are now working on a further four for delivery within the next four weeks. Along with the machines, ESCS is also supplying 20-foot containers where epoxy materials are pre-heated prior to application.

Managing director Shaun McDonald said: “We couldn’t be prouder to be building these machines right here on Teesside because the material they spray onto steel and pipework saves lives in the event of a fire.

“This order represents our biggest ever single order and has allowed us to create jobs for four additional fitters.

“Including parts of our suppliers, every nut and bolt was made right here on Teesside.”

“Our small team of 11 is carefully following Public Health guidelines and strict safe distancing practices whilst completing the job.”

“I can’t praise our staff highly enough for their professionalism in working to a tight deadline in such testing circumstances.”

The ESCS team includes Shaun’s wife, their two sons, niece and nephew.

Export sales account for more than 80% of ESCS sales with clients in Azerbaijan, Singapore, Bhutan, Dubai, Brazil, the United States, Kuwait, China, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Europe.


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