Tees firm invests in employee wellbeing amid Covid-19 crisis

A Teesside-based utility group has launched a financial wellness policy amid the Covid-19 crisis – including a monthly allowance for staff working from home and an employee loan scheme.

Wynyard-based Everflow has experienced exponential growth over the past year, hiring 37 new employees and opening two new offices with the launch of a tech subsidiary to sit alongside its water retailer. The firm puts its success down to its culture.

Keeping to its commitment to function as a family and take care of all of its employees, in light of the recent government restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Everflow has put a range of financial and non-financial measures in place to aid employee wellbeing during an uncertain time.

The group’s four directors made the decision to grant employees a monthly allowance to cover their bills while working from home and to set up an employee loan facility, allowing employees to borrow up to £1,000 interest-free, which will continue beyond the crisis to ease any financial burden that could impact wellbeing.

Everflow Group founder and CEO Josh Gill said: “I value people over profits and started Everflow with the aim of creating a place that people would love coming to on a Monday. During this difficult time we want to ensure people continue to find joy in work and are putting a range of measures in place to help with wellbeing.

“As well as the financial measures, we have created internal social media groups encouraging the office banter to continue, initiated more video meetings, will be asking every employee to provide feedback on how they’re feeling each day and will be collating ideas from all employees on what we can do to continually improve communication, collaboration and wellbeing while working remotely.

“I really believe that focussing on employee and customer happiness is the right way to do business and will lead to success in other areas.”

In February, Everflow Group achieved an employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) of +73%, much higher than the average of +10%, and an employee satisfaction score of 94%.


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