Allowing Tees victims to say their last goodbyes

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Tees Business is calling on local businesses to join us to ensure dying coronavirus victims can say their final farewells from local hospitals, hospices and care homes.

Teessiders have been dying alone in Teesside hospitals unable to keep in contact with their loved ones.

Inspired by charity Teesside Philanthropic Foundation, several local businesses joined forces to buy 15 iPad Minis for the palliative care ward at James Cook University Hospital to allow families to stay in touch with dying Covid-19 victims.

Now we are calling on generous local companies to raise the funds for more devices to allow those in other Teessside hospitals, care home and hospices to stay in touch with loved ones.

Tees Business has agreed to donate the funds for two iPad Minis.

Will your business help purchase more so that everyone has the chance the stay in touch and, if necessary, say their final farewell?

The idea was started by Russell Jameson on his Teesside Help Facebook page, who set up a Go Fund Me page to raise funds for iPads. They’ve now raised £4,000.

The Philanthropic Foundation, Tees Business clients Racz Group and Communicate Technology, local BNI chapter Vision and Stockton-based iStation subsequently banded together to purchase 15 iPad Minis for James Cook, who now have enough following additional donations.

Since then, other hospitals, hospices and care homes have raised the needs of their patients, so there is urgent need for further funds.

Each iPad Mini will be pre-loaded and configured by iStation with the necessary communication programmes and engraved with the names of the donor companies.

If you would like to join Tees Business in this urgent appeal, please email stating how much you or your business is willing to donate.


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