Digital presence at all-time high for Tees Business

Tees Business Digital Media Pack

Tees Business is enjoying a digital boost during the Covid-19 lockdown, with its online engagement at an all-time high and Facebook reach up by 500%.

Resolution Media and Publishing, the team behind Tees Business, have employed Middlesbrough-based social media experts Viral Effect to increase their digital presence on Facebook.

Sponsored content from the spring issue of Tees Business is being boosted on the social media platform, which has increased online views of the magazine to more than 4,400 so far.

But the campaign is also increasing visibility for clients, with the Facebook page’s reach up 500% to 110,000 in the last month, and crucial engagement figures up 195% to 16,800.

Its Tees Business Leaders Online Q&A last week has now reached 15,000, generating 10,000 views.

And Tees Business’s other social media platforms are also at an all-time high, with its LinkedIn page generating 74,000 impressions, and its Twitter account 111,000 impressions, both in the last month.

The weekly e-news, which currently has 1,600 subscribers, has been increased to three times a week, with even more content promoting the Tees region’s business community.

As a result of the increased engagement on social media and e-news bulletins, has had 8,200 unique visitors in the last month and 15,200 page views.

Tees Business co-editor Martin Walker, who along with Dave Allan is working hard on digital content during the coronavirus lockdown, said: “We were quite fortunate in that we just managed to get the spring issue of Tees Business out before the full lockdown.

“But we knew staff at many businesses were working from home by that point, so we set about increasing visibility for our clients in other ways.

“We mailed copies of Tees Business to dozens of personal addresses, ensuring our clients were getting their copies at home, while we still mailed copies to hundreds of businesses and circulated bulk copies to those that were open.

“But we’re also working extremely hard – as well as investing heavily – to increase our presence across all our social media platforms, ensuring our clients are still getting value for money in terms of advertising and PR.”

Tees Business co-editor Dave Allan added: “We’re delighted with the work Viral Effect are doing with our Facebook advertising campaign, which is increasing our visibility substantially, as is our increased website content and e-news bulletins.

“We’re also publishing news, useful advice, signposts and opinion around the current Covid-19 situation, and how businesses are coping and adapting.

“We’ve had to think differently, too. We’re learning things that I’m sure we’ll take forward and will benefit our business in the future, so we need to take the positives from that.

“But, ultimately, print is our passion. Our core business will remain focused on the production of positive, printed publications with great content – backed up by a strong digital package.

“We’re already looking ahead to the summer issue of Tees Business, due out in June, which will spread a message of hope and positivity across the Tees region.”

A new Tees Business Digital Media Pack provides opportunities for advertising as well as publicity. It can be seen by clicking here.

Dave and Martin are also now working on the summer issue of Tees Business – a Media Pack for the magazine can be seen by clicking here.


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