Mode Media owner acquires Tees firm

Teesside data management platform Carbon has been acquired by Glam Holdings in what is expected to be a major step forward for the Middlesbrough-based firm.

Glam Holdings, owner of ex-billion-dollar Mode Media, BrideClick, and Glam Inc, has acquired Carbon from Havas-owned Clicksco to create a new powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and data platform for publishers trading under the Carbon brand, to be launched in July.

The acquisition comes as the latest step in Glam Holding’s vision of creating a technology offering to revolutionize the current publishing landscape: Glam Holdings acquired BrideClick in 2016 and Mode Media in 2017.

Carbon is a cloud-based data management platform offering publishers, advertisers and platforms intelligent, actionable insights to improve personalized online experiences and more profitable audience monetization. Using data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the market-leading technology unifies audience data across the digital ecosystem to gain deeper insights into online consumer needs, behaviours, and intent, in real-time.

Realising that publishers often lack insight into revenue being generated at the user, page and content level, Glam Holdings began building an advanced, real-time revenue measurement and attribution platform. After frustration with different established data management platforms, Glam set about looking for alternative solutions. Carbon was the technology that claimed the top spot, and it became apparent there was huge potential to develop beyond just a vendor relationship, with Carbon’s vision very aligned with that of Glam Holdings.

“Carbon’s unrivalled taxonomy, and monetization offering was exactly what we were looking for and we were keen to move into a more strategic partnership” said Mark Lee, CTO for Glam Holdings . His positive assessment of the synergy was echoed by Carbon’s CEO Pete Danks, formerly of Google. The digital veteran immediately saw the potential to grow the business faster.

With a number of investors backing the project, Glam Holdings began structuring the merge in early 2020. “Merging the two platforms allowed us to plan something bigger than the sum of its parts, and solve problems for publishers in a way nobody else can legitimately point to right now” said Danks, who will lead the combined business.

Once connected, the combined entity will be processing almost one billion users every month, transacting over two billion daily data points in real-time, all with 100% proprietary technology. These new tools will be able to unlock currently untapped revenue for publishers onboarded on Carbon’s powerful new platform.

“Both Carbon and Glam come from publishing businesses, so we really get it. Everything we do is built to solve real and specific challenges for publishers” said Danks. “Our mission will be based around adding tangible value to the publishing space – we will be evolving well beyond the DMP space to become a partner across the entire revenue operation, rather than just another tech vendor.”

Carbon’s relaunch is scheduled for early July and it will include significantly updated real-time revenue measurement & attribution analytics and enhanced monetization offerings, within a compliant framework unreliant on third party cookies. The company, led by Danks, will include a powerhouse of digital talent, including award-winning data-scientists based in Teesside as well as offices in London, New York, Hyderabad and Perth in Australia.