Sustainability on the menu in moves for town’s first carbon-neutral restaurant

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Coinciding with World Environment Day on June 5, a pioneering partnership has launched that will see Olivello restaurant become Middlesbrough’s first carbon neutral eatery.

Energy and environmental consultancy Zyntec Utilities, Middlesbrough Council and Olivello will work together to make the popular Linthorpe Village-based restaurant carbon-neutral.

The move comes as part of Middlesbrough mayor Andy Preston’s commitment to the town’s green issues.

Emma Alberti, environmental advisor to the mayor, is encouraging more businesses in the area to review their environmental impact including energy use, waste and recycling.

North-East consultancy Zyntec Utilities is supporting the restaurant across the full sustainability mix, from sustainable energy to carbon offsetting.

The consultancy is providing “green electricity” from sustainable sources such as wind and solar. For unavoidable carbon emissions, such as gas burners the consultancy will provide carbon offsetting by sponsorship of tree planting and sustainable farming projects in the Madagascan rainforest.

This project will not only cover gas and power use at the restaurant it also goes a step further by offsetting the carbon footprint of the restaurants employees.

In addition, Zyntec Utilities consultant Mark McLaughlin is auditing Olivello’s energy usage and business practices to help reduce waste and emissions from deliveries.

Ray Cruddas, operations director at Zyntec Utilities, said: “We are proud to be part of this innovative partnership with mayor Andy Preston and flagship Middlesbrough business Olivello.

“As a company we are passionate about helping our partners reduce the impact of energy use both on their pocket and the environment. We want to send a clear message that sustainability doesn’t have to cost the earth.”

Andy Preston said: “The environment and green issues have never been more important, and local businesses can play a massive role.

“Olivello really are leading the way by becoming Middlesbrough’s first carbon neutral restaurant, and I know others will follow their example.

“Congratulations to Jamo and the whole team, and to Zyntec Utilities – initiatives like this make a real difference.”

Jamo Ocak, owner of Olivello, said: “It’s great to be at the forefront of sustainable businesses within Middlesbrough and we are happy to give our customers the luxury of eating out without the guilt of environmental impact.”

Zyntec Utilities is working with a number of clients on sustainable energy and it is hoped that this will be the first of many projects within the borough, working alongside the council to make Middlesbrough the flag bearer on green energy issues within the region.”