Fire service issues advice to businesses when returning to work

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Cleveland Fire Brigade has issued a fact sheet for businesses that are starting to operate again after lockdown.

The fact sheet includes important information on businesses reviewing their Fire Risk Assessment, as there may be changes to their way of working or the layout of the building.

Businesses can also contact the fire engineering team, who deal with building safety, should they require further advice.

The team also offers virtual drop-in sessions for businesses on a Friday morning. To find out more or book a slot email

Key fire safety advice included in the fact sheet include:

Fire Risk Assessments

On returning to work you may need to review your Fire Risk Assessment to reflect the way your business is currently operating. Consider changes such as stock levels, alterations to premises eg layout and staff numbers. If there are significant changes to ways of working or the building layout, it is essential you review your assessment.

Means of Escape

Ensure that your escape routes remain available and open correctly – remember, they may have seized up whilst not in use. If you share an escape route remember that those other businesses may not be open. This should be supported with adequate escape signage and lighting to identify the escape routes to be used in event of fire.

Maintaining Fire Safety Measures

Whilst you have been closed, have you maintained your premises’ fire safety features? ie fire alarm, fire extinguisher and emergency lighting. Timely maintenance is vital for the safety of your business and those that use the premises.

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