Tees firm flying high with cutting-edge drone tech

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A Hartlepool-based tech firm has added the latest cutting-edge drone inspection technology to expand its services.

Eagle Eye Integrity Specialists has invested in the DJI Matrice 300, expanding their already impressive fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

As specialists within the engineering, petrochemical and marine sectors delivering non-destructive testing (NDT), Eagle Eye Integrity Specialists utilise UAV technology to conduct high-level unintrusive inspections on essential operating assets and structures such as flare stacks, pressure vessels, storage tanks and much more.

Operated by CAA approved pilots and experienced NDT technicians, their drone fleet delivers close inspection capabilities to identify potential defects, structural cracks, corrosion and leakage, moving freely around the structure for a detailed 360-degree view, recording high resolution thermal and digital images.

Managing director Scott Standing said: “Our clients receive an invaluable end-to-end service, inclusive of UAV and NDT, with detailed reporting.

“We deliver high level essential inspection services – a vital catalyst to increased production and onsite safety.

“We are now an integral part of many organisations’ inspection schedules, conducting repeat inspections throughout the year.”

With the addition of thermal imaging technology, inspections and surveys can be carried out while operating assets are live, clearly highlighting defect areas which can’t be identified unless offline, which ultimately affects production.

As a result, Eagle Eye Integrity Specialists greatly reduce costs and minimise risk, potentially eradicating the need for costly production shutdowns, avoiding the need for scaffolding, working at height and over the side work.