Secure deposit boxes offer valuable protection for high-value assets

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A high-tech maximum security storage facility is proving a valuable asset for businesses and private individuals on Teesside.

The facility, deep in the heart of our region, was designed to offer a secure and discreet service for holding priceless, irreplaceable valuables and high-ticket items.

The series of vaults, manufactured in varying sizes to accommodate differing items, is the only independent facility of its kind on Teesside, says Magnum Vaults.

It is a well-placed service within a niche market for Tees Valley clients.

“Magnum Vaults is an independent safe deposit box facility,” said general manager Dan Cass.

“We value safety and confidentiality above all else and our safe deposit boxes are completely protected and secured in strongroom facilities.

“We were set up so our clients can store their high-end valuables and personal items confidentially and discreetly in the knowledge they will be held securely for as long as required.

“As the service is no longer available in major high street banks, Magnum Vaults feel it is a service that many people still require.”

Magnum Vaults have three sizes of safe deposit boxes to choose from – small, medium and large. Clients can view the different size boxes before they choose to deposit their items. Prices start from £150 and can be rented on a three-monthly, six-monthly or yearly basis.

Each private box comes with one unique key and can only be accessed by the client.

The strongroom where they are kept is hidden away and backed up by a network of advanced and sophisticated security systems that operate around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year – systems that would put the likes of Hatton Garden in the shade.

Clients are many and varied; some require confidential vault storage for personal possessions, others for corporate or business assets and documents.

Before entering the vaults, each client must undergo rigorous security steps which include fingerprint collection, photographic identification, passwords, and independent keys to ensure maximum security.

Box contents remain completely private at all times and, once inside the secure section of the vault, can be viewed in a private viewing room.

The facility has VIP parking and is also registered by the Financial Conduct Authority for added peace of mind.

“Many people don’t expect it to be what it is when they enter,” said Dan. “We designed it to be discreet and secure.”

The facility is conveniently located just of the A19 and is open seven days a week.

More information from or call 01642 433626.