Powering through lockdown

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Power cables for the country’s first specialist coronavirus-fighting NHS Nightingale Hospital were supplied by a Tees company.

Leading global cable and accessory supplier Cleveland Cable Company was asked to supply the project at the massive ExCel exhibition centre in London in double quick time.

The Middlesbrough-based firm – known across the world for its expertise in the field – supplied cables to provide power to the hospital in the capital before going on to provide 150km of cables to the other emergency hospital sites which were designed as specialist centres to help the NHS treat patients with Covid-19.

They also supplied 20km of temporary power cable fitted with connectors to mobile Covid-19 testing facilities across the UK.

The company has continued its operations throughout lockdown, providing its essential services from vast stocks to strategic industries including rail and healthcare.

Founded in 1978, Cleveland Cable Company exports cables and cable accessories around the world and is the world’s first cable distributor to hold BASECregistered stockist status.

The firm, which is a key supplier to healthcare, road, rail, utilities and construction industries, continuously carried more than four months’ supply of its fastest moving products to all industries and provided its manufacturing partners with “essential product” notices.

As lockdown is eased, Cleveland Cable’s furloughed workers are being brought back in phases to ensure their safety and the maintenance of social distancing regulations.

“The safety of our employees is of paramount importance to us,” said Cleveland Cable Company’s health and safety manager Geoff Porritt.

“We will be bringing staff back in a phased manner which will increase as demand grows, operating rotational shifts within our warehousing to ensure maximum output while still maintaining social distancing.”

He added that the firm had undertaken full Covid-19 risk assessments as they prepared to release employees from furlough back into work, saying: “We have identified the relevant risks in bringing more people onto our sites and have arrived at mitigation measures to ensure we provide a safe place of work for all our staff and visitors.”