Mayor proposes Boho X Plan B

Middlesbrough mayor Andy Preston says a proposed “Plan B” for the town’s Boho X will match all of the “ambition, passion and confidence” of the proposed skyscraper that had previously been planned for the new digital development.

Mr Preston says he has been working with experts on a new design for the building that better meets the requirements of a post-covid Teesside.

“Middlesbrough’s becoming the North-East’s hotbed of ambition, investment and success – Boho X will confirm that for everyone to see,” he said.

“Covid has changed the world and since it struck I’ve been working with experts to try and work out what kind of demand there will be for new offices.

“The great news is that I’m certain there’ll be strong demand for great offices with the right facilities, so we will press ahead with Boho X and it will set Middlesbrough apart from anywhere else – exciting even more interest in our town.”

Explaining the likely changes to the development’s design, he added: “Maybe, in the post-covid world, Boho X needs to be a different kind of building; maybe not a single tall structure but a completely different shape.

“With all this in mind, I’m considering a post-covid Plan B for Boho X that will bring all the ambition, passion and confidence of the skyscraper and also reflects the fact that the world has changed. I’ll make a decision on the way forward very soon.

“I can guarantee that our Plan B will be as exciting and inspiring.”

Revealing new artist’s impressions, Mr Preston said Plan B would include:

– outdoor cinema
– secure storage for 100 cycles
– rooftop lecture theatre/cinema for 140 people
– rooftop gym
– rooftop swimming pool
– rooftop bar for private hire
– mixed use reception cafe that open to the public
– its own outside orchard
– extensive teleconferencing and media facilities
– 60,000 square feet of offices
– even stronger green credentials