White Digital on the fairway to success

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Meet the former golf caddie whose ‘putting’ his digital agency at the ‘fore’ front of Tees businesses with a promise to deliver.

Former professional golf caddie Doug Dinwiddie has always had a passion for business.

The Scottish-born owner of Darlington-based agency White Digital moved to the Tees region as a child.

During a sabbatical from caddying, Doug took a job with a digital agency in Barnard Castle and discovered his calling.

“I was always passionate about business and constantly on the lookout for an opportunity,” he explains.

“When I realised that the company was being badly run and not achieving its full potential, I knew I could turn it around. It had a great client base and some great staff, so it was a good launch point.”

Eighteen months later, Doug owned the company and White Digital was born.

“I decided the company should be called White Digital because I wanted it to be clean, open, honest and transparent,” he says.

Black hat in the SEO world means underhanded and white hat means good and honest, but after choosing the name, Doug also heard a story which gave his company an accidental tie to Hollywood film producers.

He laughs as he explains: “In the old Western movies, the baddies always wore black Stetsons and the goodies wore white ones, so it was a pretty good choice!”

It’s now been five years since White Digital’s creation and the company has gone from strength to strength, building a brand that is second to none, with simplicity, transparency and honesty as its key words.

Specialising in website design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and website hosting and support, White Digital has a catalogue of high-end national and global clients, but its in-house specialists are particularly keen to offer their expertise to the Tees region’s business community

“Helping local business means a lot to us,” says Doug. “I have a team of nine local, fantastically talented people with impressive skills and an in-depth knowledge of the local area and what works.

“The team work together to ensure things run smoothly. We have a supremely organised system, everything is set out and clearly defined, there’s no time-wasting and we guarantee delivery on the agreed date. We’ve been working really hard and growing quietly for the last five years and now it’s time to shout about us.”

White Digital’s ability to deliver large and complex projects is down to the ability of the team and how organised they are.

“Managing a 12-month website development involves multiple assets across a variety of tasks,” says Doug.

“Managing that complexity doesn’t come easy, but that doesn’t stop us from delivering on smaller projects too, which we do regularly. “

While White Digital don’t profess to be the cheapest service offering, they know what counts when it comes to giving business the perfect online platform.

“A good website, while not cheap, is essential to back up your company’s image and I stand by the mantra that if you buy cheap, you buy twice,” stresses Doug.

“White Digital don’t come cheap, but we do the job correctly. We deliver. More importantly we don’t cheat the system when it comes to SEO. We have trusted online systems and processes to ensure decent Google reviews which is essential for any business.”

With their transparency and attention to detail, using the services of White Digital is a simple, stress free process.

As Doug likes to stress, “It’s all a matter of trust, and we can guarantee you will feel you’re in the best hands with White Digital.”

Find out more at white.digital.