Global stars Tascomp are ready to raise local profile

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When your client list includes a multitude of businesses and industries from across the globe, perhaps it is easy to forget that your best customers are right on your doorstep.

Since 1981, the team at Tascomp have supplied control and monitoring systems from their Billingham base to businesses in the manufacturing and process industries all over the world.

Managing director Ashley Tizard, one of a number of long-serving senior members of the Tascomp team, knows the company has made its imprint globally.

Now, after recognition in the Tees Tech Awards, they are looking to make the same impression in the Tees region.

Unprompted, Ashley can reel off an impressive rollcall of the organisations and products that rely on the company, which is based on Belasis Hall Technology Park.

“We deal with so many different customers and industries,” Ashley says.

“I’ll give you a whistlestop tour of some of the companies we work for and the different types of products they have. I hope you have good shorthand.”

Thankfully, there is a recording device on hand as he races through the clients, barely pausing for breath as the diversity of their business base becomes apparent.

Here goes…

Tascomp supplies control systems for manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs, fighter canopies, power stations clutches and engines.

And for manufacturers of air filters, sausages, pillows, greeting cards, car parts, luxury handbags, sandwiches and high-end office furniture.

Let’s not forget those in the industries of air traffic control, roofing joists, slug pellets, stair lifts, vending machines, recycling plants, titanium products, respirators, cardboard packaging, patio decking and medical curtains.

And, last but not least, for those who produce barbed wire, vitamins and supplements, steel products for the nuclear industry, Fisherman’s Friends, Martini – I’ve thrown those ones in as recognised company names – whisky bottling, rail fixings…

“The spread is huge and always interesting,” reflects Ashley.

“When you are on the frontline providing support, in one day you might deal with five different customers, each in a different industry.

“One of the first companies I worked with when I joined 29 years ago was Cummins Engines and we are still working with them now.”

Darlington-based Cummins is just one of the local businesses Tascomp has assisted.

Now, after being finalists for Company of the Year at the Tees Tech Awards, and as the company looks to celebrate its 40th year, the intention is to spread the word – or the letter P to be precise – to more businesses across the Tees region.

The three Ps are at the core of Tascomp’s success over the last four decades and these systems are the envy of their global competitors.

Tascomp makes use of its own supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software, the latest version of which is Prodigy. They are also the developers of PlantRun and PAMS software and systems.

PlantRun – OEE, machine downtime and manufacturing information systems Prodigy – industrial automation SCADA software, test automation and control systems PAMS – alarm management systems for airfield equipment

Ashley adds: “We’ve been here for nearly 40 years and are an established international company but we are probably an unknown quantity in the local area. We want to change that.

“We can sell our systems anywhere. We sold systems in Saudi Arabia and South Africa last year, but at the same time we can do a better job if we do it locally.

“We employ graduates and apprentices from Teesside and if we help improve manufacturing in the Tees Valley, it will generate more work for us and mean we can employ more staff from the university and local colleges.

“It becomes self-sustaining and helps the whole region. There is payback for everyone in the long run and it should keep rolling.”

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