Searches made simple

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Stockton-based OCALS, headed by director Jeremy O’Connor, is a fast, reliable and accurate legal services company that specialises in undertaking searches for law firms and conveyancers, taking the stress out of what can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

With the housing market experiencing a post-lockdown mini-boom, many conveyancers face a backlog of pre-Covid files, which is why choosing a firm such as OCALS to simplify the process makes great sense.

Buying or selling a house is considered to be one of the most stressful times in someone’s life, a fact that Jeremy understands all too well.

“Delays can lead to stress for clients who want to proceed with more haste,” he says.

“Traditionally, a solicitor does searches quite late and these searches often raise queries which throw deadlines out,” he explains.

“Good conveyancing is all about good client-solicitor relationships. If we can make the search side as stress-free as possible, the conveyancer can concentrate on making sure the client is happy.”

OCALS can provide local authority, regulated council and local council searches and drainage, water, environmental and mining reports, as well as money laundering and compliance issues and completion services, taking the burden off the shoulders of the legal team.

As a bonus, they also offer to refresh searches free of charge if these exceed their three-month lifespan.

“Since we opened in in 2008, OCALS has undertaken searches for many conveyancers and now we’re keen to help more local firms,” continues Jeremy.

“As we look towards a future beyond Covid, it’s all about keeping it local and supporting local business.

“The beauty of OCALS is that we are a local team with a great knowledge of the area,” continues Jeremy.

“Some firms similar to ours use a call centre. That’s not the case with OCALS. When a conveyancer calls, he or she will speak to the person who is dealing with their case. We pride ourselves on a personal service.”