Why Communicate Technology are the broadband speed kings

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When it comes to flexible, agile working, super-fast broadband speeds and round-the-clock connectivity are essential – businesses rely on being able to communicate with their staff and customers remotely but with the same speed and efficiency as they would face-to-face.

Teesside company Communicate Technology PLC is working with businesses and organisations across the area to equip them with the infrastructure and technology they need to implement a hybrid working model.

And, as CEO Tony Snaith points out, the current climate presents a real opportunity for businesses to emerge stronger than ever…

The way we work has changed.

While the coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to adapt the way they work to ensure they remain operational, it also highlighted that flexible, agile working has real commercial benefits.

Many businesses have reported that productivity levels among their workforce have increased significantly and that staff are more motivated as they combine a working from home and office routine.

In fact, it’s likely that many companies will never return to life as we knew it before the coronavirus pandemic, even if the lifting of restrictions in their entirety means they can.

So, with this new hybrid method of working the norm for many businesses, and in an ever-increasing digital world, access to super-fast, fibre broadband is more important than ever.

Communicate, based at Wynyard Business Park, is rapidly establishing itself as one of the country’s leading providers of specialist technology solutions, boasting an impressive national portfolio of clients in multi-occupancy commercial properties.

And in the current climate, when businesses are operating between the traditional workplace environment and remote or home working, reliable connectivity is more important than ever.

Tony Snaith, CEO of Communicate, believes business locations that offer a ready-made solution to potential new tenants could see a huge uptake in new tenants – especially where they provide an environment which is relaxing and stimulating, and supports government social distancing guidelines.

He said: “Many businesses have been forced to look at the way they operate, not just in terms of their office set up but also the communications packages they have in place.

“During the months of lockdown, we’ve worked with many companies that simply weren’t happy with their existing set up and sought our expertise to ensure they have access to the infrastructure and technology they need to maintain their existing service levels.

“We all know how important it is to be able to access super-fast broadband – digital is where it’s at and if you don’t have the right set up in place, it can be detrimental to your business.”

Tony also believes that there’s a real opportunity for landlords to create commercial spaces that lend themselves to flexible, agile working, with the added bonus of being fully serviced, meaning tenants can move straight in without the headache of sorting phonelines and internet providers.

He added: “The beauty of serviced offices is that everything is taken care of and now more so than ever, that’s a real bonus for businesses.

“Our clients know that by working with us, they’re sourcing a reputable provider who can come in, prepare the office space for occupancy and be in and out quickly and with minimal disruption.

“Those locations that can offer space that allows for both office and home working, with networking space available for team sessions that require multiple attendees, whilst still observing social distancing, are ideally positioned to thrive.

“Equally, businesses that chose such locations as their base and are able to give their staff the support they need across multiple locations, could also emerge from the current climate stronger than ever.

“Take Tees Advanced Manufacturing Park as an example. The park is a high quality, flexible environment for innovative and dynamic businesses, which is also able to offer tenants space which supports flexible working. Communicate has installed the IT and communications infrastructure which means that anyone moving in is good to go from day one.

“Over the coming months, locations like TeesAMP could well see a real uptake in tenancy agreements as companies look to find space which fits with a hybrid working model and plans for long-term growth.”