Tees Businesswomen Awards vital for exposure and positive PR, says industry leader

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The upcoming Tees Businesswomen Awards are a much-needed morale boost in these trying times, says Chloe Clover.

Organisers Tees Business will host the third annual awards to celebrate the region’s leading ladies in business, in a virtual event on January 14, 2021.

“There are stories out there that deserve and need to be told,” stressed Chloe, the creative director of Middlesbrough-based Wander Films, in discussion with Tees Business executive editor Dave Allan on the PD Ports-sponsored Tees Business Leaders Live Q&A.

“The Businesswomen Awards are incredibly inspirational, and they really do make a difference. They show that women can do it, that there’s a space for us and things are changing.”

Though the 2020 awards will be held virtually due to the ongoing Covid crisis, Chloe doesn’t feel this diminishes their significance.

“I love the fact that they are going virtual,“ said Chloe – pictured (above) winning the Rising Star category in the inaugural Tees Tech Awards earlier this year.

“Of course, I’m sad that we won’t be in the same room because there’s a feeling you get when you’re connected to people in the same space that you can’t recreate online.

“However, being virtual will open the awards up and that’s a huge opportunity. You can reach potentially hundreds of people – students, schoolgirls, the next generation of businesswomen – and it will be an event that everyone can be a part of.”

Wander Films were finalists in the Best New Business category at the 2019 Businesswomen Awards, pipped to the post by Abacus Bean.

“One of the biggest reasons that we put Wander forward for awards is that it’s recognition for the team and all the hard work everyone does,” she said.

“They are appreciation from someone else for all the really cool things you have achieved. Whether it’s regional or industry-led, an award is something to be positive about and to get a buzz from.

“Especially now with everything that is going on in the world, having something to celebrate is so necessary.”

Chloe gives fellow director Lou Tonner the credit for Wander’s award-winning entries, laughing: “Lou has quite a knack!

“Entering awards doesn’t take long but the benefits are huge. Exposure, positive PR, a morale boost. It’s 100 per cent worth it, even if you don’t win because being part of that moment as you progress is super cool.”

Having followed or been involved with the Businesswomen Awards since their inception in 2018, Chloe is vocal about their importance to Wander Films and to herself as a woman.

“I remember watching the awards the first year and seeing Claire Preston win Businesswoman of the Year,” she recalls.

“I thought damn! Claire and these women are really doing it, they’re incredible – I want to do that!

“I wanted to be up there and learning from these women. Those first awards were so inspirational and at the time I couldn’t imagine that Wander would be shortlisted for an award the very next year.”

Thanks to that nomination, Wander have an enviable network of contacts which continue to lead to swift business growth.

“Meeting people at the Awards helped us no end,” admits Chloe.

“There are so many women who we look up to and who we have learned from. I can honestly say we wouldn’t be where we are now if we hadn’t met them at that time.”

• For further information on sponsoring one of the three remaining categories in the 2020 Tees Businesswomen Awards, call Chris Garbutt on 01642 450255 or email info@teesbusiness.co.uk.

• Click here to find out more about how to enter the awards or nominate someone.