Web development experts offer free SEO during lockdown

White digital
White digital
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Darlington-based web development experts White Digital have stepped in to support Tees communities and companies with free search engine optimisation for the duration of lockdown.

“The need to adapt has never been greater for our region’s small businesses,” said CEO Doug Dinwiddie.

“With a second lockdown now in place and physical premises closed once again, the only way forward for many is selling their products virtually. 

“But while having a strong online presence is vitally important, it can be costly, which is why White Digital are offering our services free of charge throughout November.”

This second lockdown has left many small business owners understandably worried about the impact on sales and uneasy about the future.

“With Christmas just around the corner, it remains to be seen whether shops and business will be allowed to reopen in time for the lucrative pre-Christmas rush,” said Doug. “So White Digital want to help people ride the storm by boosting online sales. 

“It’s all about keeping the economy moving as much as possible while remaining safe.”

Being found online is more important than ever – and, said Doug, that means being in the top three Google My Business rankings.

For those who don’t understand Google My Business, Doug explains it as similar to being one of the first-named companies in the old Yellow Pages or BT phonebook.

“Only now you don’t have to prefix your company with AAA,” he laughed.

“If you Google a business in our area – a pizza shop, for example – you will see paid ads at the top and then you get the Google My Business pages, followed by organic rankings. 

“If you do well in Google My Business ads, your name comes up at the top of the page before anyone else, so more people are likely to click through to your website.”

If it still sounds confusing, that’s no problem because White Digital will do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is fill in a simple online form, sit back and let Doug and his team take over.

“All we need to know is your business name, the category it’s working in and information about opening times etcetera. We will also ask for the contact details of five people willing to provide a review of your company. This is important for rankings, but we will guide them with what to write. 

“At the end, simply click ‘Submit’, all the info comes over to us and we can get on and optimise your Google My Business page.”

As a gesture in these bleak times, White Digital’s offer is generous, but what of those who may say there is an ulterior motive?

“We genuinely do want to help,” said Doug.

“But the hope is that once we have helped people, made that connection with them and got their companies to rank in the top three in their category, they will come back and say ‘Well, you smashed it. Now what else can you do?’”

To complete White Digital’s Google My Business form, click here: White.digital