‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ – lawyer

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Punch Robson Solicitors managing partner Elaine McLaine-Wood on how she hopes for brighter times ahead…

While the year 2020 will be forever remembered as one of the worst in history, we have to take heart in the fact there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Covid-19 has been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone – from a business point of view, but also largely on a personal level.

Some of our business naturally paused at the start of the first lockdown. We had to furlough 24 of our staff, which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It was really tough.

Work gradually started coming back online and we limped through the lockdown with skeleton staff.

We eventually brought everyone back in the summer, and our commercial and residential work over the last quarter has never been busier.

Our staff have been a huge credit to the business. Everyone has something going on in their lives – nobody has been untouched by the virus – but our staff have risen to the challenge, and it has at times lifted team spirit.

Covid-19 has taught us all many lessons, for good and bad. I’m a very social person and around the end of the year I’ll go to two or three corporate functions a week.

Not having to go to all of those – and some of them I miss dearly – has given me time to reflect, and enjoy more family time at home.

It has also given us all time to sit back, look our businesses, explore ways to broaden our horizons and to diversify.

There will be tough times ahead with an ongoing recession, but there isn’t a lot we can do, other than to keep working hard, focus on the positives and keep reminding ourselves there’ll be better times ahead.

We at Punch Robson wish all businesses across the Tees Valley a healthy and prosperous 2021.

Elaine McLaine-Wood
Managing partner, Punch Robson Solicitors