Tees Business guest foreword – from Gary Dawson

Tees Business Digital Media Pack

AV Dawson managing director Gary Dawson provided the guest foreword for the winter 2020-21 issue of Tees Business…

As an employer and company owner, I have experienced first-hand how challenging this year has been for our region’s business community.

Nobody could have predicted a pandemic of this magnitude and duration, and the impacts it has had on many of us, both personally and professionally.

AV Dawson hasn’t been immune to the Covid-19 virus. Devastatingly some of our colleagues have lost family members.

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As a family business, what has given me hope and reassurance is how our colleagues have rallied together. They have done everything feasible to remain safe, while many have worked without pause through both lockdowns, providing essential transport and port services to both industry and retail.

They have selflessly supported the business, as well as one another, and this gives me reason to be incredibly proud.

Although 2020 has thrown some unexpected challenges at us we’ve also managed to progress some major development plans at AV Dawson.

In September we were excited to announce the rebrand of our River Tees base as Port of Middlesbrough and we continue with the planned investment in this facility.

We also remain fully committed to supporting our chosen community causes and local charities, and recognise that at this time they need support more than ever before.

Although it is likely the coming year will test us further, as Teessiders the past has taught us to be resilient. What I do know is that as a region we are stronger when we all push forward together, supporting each other through collaboration within what is currently a very proactive and positive local business landscape.

There are some incredibly exciting opportunities on the horizon for the Tees Valley region, especially on the River Tees.

The prospect of a freeport, the redevelopment of the TeesWorks site, the focus on green energy and other significant developments in the region should all bring considerable investment and jobs to the area which should benefit us all.

Gary Dawson
Managing director, AV Dawson