First glimpse of scheme to spearhead Middlesbrough housing regeneration project

One of the UK’s leading build-to-rent developers has today provided the first glimpse of its new major housing development, which will spearhead the town’s 2021 regeneration aspirations.

Exact details surrounding the scheme, in the central Middlehaven area of the town, will be announced in Spring 2021, when the formal planning application will be submitted by developer Placefirst.

The focal point of the phase one build is expected to be around the creation of townhouse terraces, to frame the Grade II Listed former town hall.

The Middlehaven area is a long-term regeneration priority for Middlesbrough Council and its mayor Andy Preston.

The site, which is situated just to the north of the main train station, University and in the shadow of the famous Transporter Bridge, was originally the historic centre of the town and contains a number of listed buildings.

Middlehaven is also expected to offer superb commuter routes into the centre of Middlesbrough, which is widely regarded as a hotbed of technology innovation and digital industries – spanning ecommerce, gaming and animation.

The area is undergoing rapid transformation, with the Placefirst scheme complementing other developments locally, such as the creation of an urban farm and Boho X – the 60,000 sq ft focal point for the town’s booming digital sector.

Phase one of the development is expected to deliver approximately 40 new homes, with future phases delivered by Placefirst anticipated to lead to the creation of over 200 properties.

Public consultation will follow in late Spring this year, to coincide with the formal planning application.

If approved, the development will be underpinned by Placefirst’s commitment to creating a thriving neighbourhood community, whilst providing residents with a viable alternative to rising house prices associated with outright home ownership.

The developer doesn’t just let properties, it also designs, builds and maintains the homes ongoing – offering peace of mind to those local families looking for new affordable modern living, without the financial headache of a mortgage.

David Mawson, chief executive for Placefirst, said: “We’re excited to be providing an early glimpse into our initial aims for an ambitious housing development in Middlehaven.

“The scheme is already gathering momentum, largely thanks to the ongoing support of the council and Mayor Andy Preston, who has major aspirations for the local area and committed to accelerating its regeneration.

“We look forward to announcing further details surrounding the scheme, when we submit our full planning application in the Spring.”

Mayor Andy Preston added: “These are exciting plans from Placefirst and it’s fantastic to see the imagery for this development so early in the New Year.

“We’re working hard and at pace to transform the oldest part of town into an area that will be the heart of a new Middlesbrough.

“The plans for striking townhouses will add to the character and charm of an area best summed up by the nearby old town hall.

“These new homes would be within a stone’s throw of some of the leading digital companies in Europe.

“It will be one of a number of housing developments that will spring up close to a new secondary school and the urban farm.

“We’re looking forward to an exciting future for the area, whether you know it as St Hilda’s, ‘over the border’ or Middlehaven!”