Let TBI be your Catalyst for business success

An unprecedented year is giving us thinking space for our business. Tilly Bailey & Irvine’s corporate and commercial law solicitors in the North-East have offered legal support to help you scale up your business.

Following lockdown and the ongoing Covid-19 situation, questions are being asked as to how we kick-start the economic recovery.

Government support of businesses during the period from the end of March has been utilised, but now as that support comes to an end or is reduced, business owners are looking for ways to ensure they bounce back.

Tilly Bailey & Irvine Partner Craig Malarkey explains how the firm’s new ‘Catalyst’ initiative can give local businesses and potential new businesses a key dose of support to help during unprecedented times.

“The North East and the Tees Valley region are well placed to ensure that our businesses not only survive but succeed”, says Craig, part of Tees Valley’s largest law firm.

“With technology at the heart of projects such as Boho’s ‘The Digital City’ and Teesside University’s Launchpad, the region has a strong history in innovation and entrepreneurialism.

“Supported by a commercially-focussed Tees Valley Combined Authority and Mayor through initiatives like “Buy Local” and the investment opportunities available, our business leaders find themselves at the heart of a recovery which we all hope will be V-shaped.

“At Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors we have been supporting business and entrepreneurs for nearly 180 years.

“Our recently launched TBI Catalyst is a framework for early-stage, fast-growth businesses that facilitates access to legal services in a way that can help take them to the next level.

“It is designed for innovative entrepreneurs that are looking start-up or scale-up their business and would like access to advice and guidance from expert commercial solicitors.

“If your business is ready to make the next step or you have a new business idea that you are ready to scale up and you need assistance with the legal advice around market expansion; equity investment, debt finance, commercial leases or purchases or hiring new employees, the TBI Catalyst team can assist in these and many other areas.”

The firm’s presence in Wynyard over the last 10 years has provided Teesside with a hub to solve business legal matters such as commercial law, employment law, litigation and much more with the help of local legal specialists.

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