We’ve only scratched the surface of our tech ‘jewel’, says digital leader

Tees Business Digital Media Pack

David Dixon of Teesside University’s DigitalCity looks forward to the second annual Tees Tech Awards and reflects that the future of the world will “revolve around digital”…

The first Tees Tech awards were a great illustration of how brilliant, diverse and far reaching the digital sector in the Tees Valley is and goes. But, in my view, we have still only scratched the surface.

There are many more stories to be told and jewels to be found.

The awards and the winners are clearly extremely important but my personal view is they will always be (a close) second to the inspiration, hopes and dreams of our young people when they witness what people from the Tees Valley can achieve (as employees and as employers).

For too long, our young people have looked at foreign shores or at some of the UK’s largest cities and thought “I need to move there to achieve.” I hope that 10 years from now we have a group of 20-somethings who were inspired by the winners and the finalists of these first few Tees Tech Awards and have gone on to start some amazing businesses which change the world and the way we live and work.

We MUST collectively ensure that this happens.

Like 90% of the world, we too had to rethink our approach to the inaugural Tees Tech Awards when the pandemic struck and, in truth, there were only two options: cancel/postpone or go ahead in the land of online.

I am so pleased that we chose to go-ahead. The viewing numbers were a hundred times more than we would have achieved in a closed room environment and, therefore, there would have been less chance of inspiring others as a result.

We made a fantastic start in unearthing some of the Tees Valley’s best hidden secrets. Who honestly had heard of Tascomp before that night?

These follow up awards are crucial in order to build the momentum required for the awards to last and crucially be relevant years and decades into the future.

Our commitment is to listen to feedback and make changes where necessary. We recently engaged with some previous winners and digital leaders.

As a result, we have added two new award categories:

Project/Campaign of the Year

Unsung Hero

The project category, in particular, will allow many of our digital agencies (which were unintentionally ruled out of the first awards) to showcase their expertise and successes – many of them global-reaching.

Unsung Hero is an extremely important award as it gives the chance for people who would never have a light shone on them to gain much deserved recognition and profile.

There is little doubt that the future of the world revolves around digital and technology. Equally, the Tees Valley and its future undoubted growth will be underpinned by it.

Please help to inspire others as well as celebrate your successes by applying for the Tees Tech Awards 2021. Entries open this Monday.