Business leaders band together for singer Jamie

A team of influential Teesside businesspeople are backing an aspiring singer-songwriter in his quest for chart success.

The business group have joined forces to support Redcar-born musician Jamie Grey’s launch of his single “Water” which is out now and available to stream on Youtube, Apple music, Amazon music and Spotify.

The support team includes Steve Cole, managing director of Colehouse Communications, local tech leader David Dixon, Wander Films, music public relations specialists JLJPR and David Wilson from Clive Owen Corporate Finance.

“The core team is Jamie, myself and David Wilson,” explains David Dixon. “Jamie is the talent, Dave provides financial expertise and I help out with strategy, connecting and teambuilding”

In what is in essence a tech start-up, the team are exploring how new social channels like Tik Tok as well as immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality can help with audience engagement.

“Working with someone as talented as Jamie is an opportunity not to be missed,” said Steve Cole. “Ironically, I’ve been trying to work individually with David, Jon and the team at Wander for a while and when those stars aligned I simply had to get involved.

“The team is small and mighty and what we have achieved remotely is nothing short of fantastic. This is a true collaboration where everyone has brought their A-game. I’m excited to see how this all progresses through 2021 and beyond.”

Musician Jamie has previously come close to the big time on a few occasions – reaching the semi-final of TV’s The Voice where he was mentored by judge and pop star Olly Murs and being offered recording contracts with two major labels.

However, Jamie was unwilling to compromise his brand and the haunting melodies forged from his Teesside roots, instead choosing to release music independently and without financial backing.

His previous single, Arms Around You, clocked up an impressive four and a half million streams.

“Having this team of like-minded people behind me has been everything I always wanted when I entered the music industry,” says Jamie. “It feels all the more special that we are all from the Teesside area and that everyone has the expertise in their fields to fill me with so much confidence.

“We have a particular rapport with us all being local and proud of our area. I really feel like everyone has my best interests at heart which is a super-special feeling.”

Chloe Clover, creative director at Wander Films, adds: “Jamie is so unbelievably talented and we’re stoked to be working with him, bringing his brand and music to life through video. He has been on an incredible journey so far and it’s exciting to be part of a team dedicated to helping him achieve the things he deserves.

“Wander have been working with Jamie on his visual content and brand development. He’s so passionate about creating a feel and an energy that can define this stage of his career. The team is next level, the collaboration is unstoppable and we’re proud to be part of this next step.”

For Jon Louis Jones of JLJPR, who has worked with major stars such as Guns ‘n’ Roses, Stone Temple Pilots and Kiss, Jamie’s talent is evident.

“Since my first meeting with Jamie it was obvious that I was speaking with someone who had vision, determination, ambition and most importantly buckets loads of talent,” he says.

“I have been looking to work with an artist from the North-East for the last 15 years and I’m thrilled to say that artist is Jamie Grey. Not only is it amazing to work alongside Jamie but also a great team of players including the super-talented Wander and Colehouse. Exciting times ahead!”