Tees Talk: Tees business response to Spring budget

From the freeport to Treasury North, we asked local business leaders for their response to the wave of good news that came from chancellor Rishi Sunak’s budget.

Here’s what they had to say…

David Smith, founder and CEO, Ryze

I’m excited. With this big news, you can’t help but get the feeling it is just the beginning of many more great things to come.

Well done to all who helped to not only bring the spotlight up here and showcase our capabilities, but to ensure we were recognised by the key parties in order to make this all happen.

I’m super proud to be from and live on Teesside and drive a Teesside-based business.

Anna Coulson, MD, Champion Tutor

The news is unbelievable. It is fantastic for the area and its people. It is a time to celebrate and be excited for what lies ahead.

As owner of a business centred around children, this brings aspiration and pride. I was so proud to explain to my daughters what the success meant and about the hard work of the local leaders who strived to achieve it.

This hidden gem of an area is finally getting the recognition and affirmation it deserves. Well done to all of those involved. Future generations will benefit.

Katy Parkinson, founder director, Lexonik

The news about the freeport and Treasury North fills me with pride, confidence and excitement about the opportunities these initiatives will bring to our area.

It shows the hard work, ambition and desire from local people who have the influence to shape the future of the North-East has paid off.

Local industry and businesses now have to take full advantage of these opportunities and offer support to these leaders, which they so deserve.

Mike Marsh, MD, Group Industrial

Our freeport will be an international centre for trade and investment, powering regeneration, job creation and entrepreneurship.

Having our base at the Port of Middlesbrough and being heavily involved in the shipping sector, we get a real sense of anticipation as we go about our daily tasks, as it’s the topic of conversation among many of our colleagues and customers.

Levelling up and the promotion of sustainable growth is a wonderful prospect for the region and one that I and all my team are looking forward to.

Tony Insall, director, Infinity Finance Group

Being a proud Teessider, the announcements by the government and Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen have filled me and Infinity Finance Group with so much pride.

Treasury North, the freeport and the Towns Funding are a huge boost for Teesside, as is the huge investment at Teesworks.

As a business based in Teesside, we are excited to see the knock-on effects of the latest announcements, if not for us then for the rest of the region.

Helen Wright, director of corporate affairs, Thirteen

The recent announcement by the chancellor is great news for the Tees Valley.

It’s a significant investment for the region that will bring thousands of jobs and millions of pounds of investment to our doorstep.

Good quality housing plays a vital role in the Tees Valley’s economy and with so many new opportunities it’s crucial we have enough quality homes that people can afford – whether they rent, buy or part-buy, that not only attracts people to the area but that keeps them too.

Julie Gilhespie, chief executive, Tees Valley Combined Authority

I’m more enthusiastic and hopeful than ever for the future of our region. The freeport is already helping us secure new investments on the Teesworks site and will drive more across all five boroughs, creating jobs and improving the quality of life for local people.

Treasury North means we’re more joined-up than ever with Whitehall and both mean we are increasingly being seen as a major player nationally and globally.

Phil Teasdale, CEO, Enterprise Made Simple

I’ve always been optimistic about the Teesside region – it’s why I came back here from London and why I love living and working here.

We have the most passionate people in the world and the latent entrepreneurial talent to be world-beaters, but it has taken the collective majority led by a visionary mayor to really make the difference on a national stage.

The combination of a working airport, Treasury jobs and freeport are the beginnings of a visible renaissance for us all and confirms that, with the right support, investment, vision and leadership, our area is second to none. The hard work starts now.

Mike Racz, CEO, Racz Group

I think it’s a huge step in the right direction for the region. Both the Treasury and the freeport will have a long-lasting, positive impact on all of our livelihoods, so I’m feeling really positive about the future of Teesside. For far too long our area has been ignored or left behind. This is the time for us to show what we can bring to the table.