Cloud-based solution revolutionises workflow for plant hire firm

A plant hire firm is benefiting from a clever cloud-based solution which is enabling them to improve staff workflow in a Covid world.

Tees-based Lucid Technology Solutions devised a new product called Worktraq – an all-in-one live project management software application that covers quoting, scheduling, tracking, and reporting.

The cloud-based solution provides instant live management of projects and allocation of jobs, among other things.

CG Robinson, a family-run plant hire and sales firm, is one of Lucid’s clients now benefiting from the solution.

The Stockton-based firm had originally planned to use the application solely for their winter maintenance and gritting for their clients across the North-East.

But Worktraq has also proven flexible enough to be used by other teams for other ongoing works, and is now being rolled out company wide.

Dean Clarke, managing director at Lucid, said: “After further consultation and working closely with the team at CG Robinson, we proposed the creation of a bespoke application to plan and allocate winter maintenance jobs to the team, and also offer a way of tracking and confirming job events with the use of Geo-Fencing and GPS.

“Staff members receive a list of jobs at the start of the day, but this jobs list is agile and can be added to and modified by a customer service team back at base as circumstances change.

“Jobs include all the details relevant to that site and can include RAMS and other documentation. Once the job is complete the staff member moves onto the next.

“All the information and evidence is stored in Worktraq, so managers or the customer service team can access up-to-the-minute information.”

Full access to the app allows CG Robinson’s team back at base to plan jobs, allocate to drivers, vehicles or teams and create new clients and sites as required.

The team also have full access to historic jobs and can send information onto clients as required. Worktraq can also alert team members and/or clients to events such as job start or job complete, depending on clients’ needs.

Dean added: “We have a long history of cloud app development and Worktraq allows us to help our clients with a number of common business challenges.

“In particular an unintended benefit has been the removal of paper-based deliver notes or job sign off sheets that could carry the Covid 19 virus into the workplace.

“We will continue to develop and add new features going forward – for example we have just added a chat function to the app as well as a calendar, and there is an ever-growing development roadmap.

“As part of our long-term commitment to help our clients grow Lucid will be working closely to enhance Worktraq over the coming months and years.

“And because it is wholly owned by Lucid we are able to add bespoke elements and link to other pieces of software as and when required by our clients.”

CG director Jai Robinson added: “We’d strongly recommend any company who needs to track, plan and manage your assets, vehicles, locations and people to make use of Worktraq – it has revolutionised our workflow.

“It makes our clients’, managers’ and staff’s daily work life so much easier – everyone knows what they are doing and when it needs to be done by.”

Lucid, which is headquartered in Norton, has 30 years’ experience offering IT advice and solutions for businesses across the North-East.

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